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2016 EMI International Conference – Metz, France

Revisiting “graphical” void fabric definitions using DEM



Aifantis International Symposium

Multiscale Material Mechanics and Multiphysics and Sustainable Applications, (2nd Intl. symp. on Multiscale Material Mechanics in the 21st Century), Antalya, Turkey, October 2015


8th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

Attributes of rotational hardening rules in clay plasticity.

Delft_RH_Dafalias Taiebat_June 2014

OSTERBERG SEMINAR, Northwestern Engineering, February 2014

Critical State Soil Mechanics: Is it a complete theory?

OSTERBERG SEMINAR_Nortwestern University_Dafalias_February 2014

2012 Joint Conference of the Engineering Mechanics Institute & 11th ASCE Joint Specialty Conference on Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability (EMI-PMC 2012)

Fabric enhanced Anisotropic Critical State Theory.

South Bend_EMI Lecture_Dafalias_June 2012

2nd International Symposium on Constitutive Modeling of Materials Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, October 2012

Rotational hardening and uniqueness of Critical State Line in clay plasticity.

Beijing_RH_Taiebat Dafalias_October 2012

Tsinghua University – Invited Lecture, Beijing, October 2012

Soil Constitutive modeling: SANISAND and SANICLAY Models.

Beijing_Tsinghua University_Invited Lecture_Dafalias Taiebat_October 2012