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11th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics

A.I. Theocharis, E.G. Vairaktaris & Y.F. Dafalias (2016), Soil fabric quantification using a scan line method, 11th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics, Athens, Greece, 27 – 30 May, 2016


IV International Workshop on Modern Trends in Geomechanics

T. Barciaga, M. Taiebat, Y.F. Dafalias, M. Datcheva & T. Schanz (2016), Influence on the mechanical behavior of natural structured soils on the system response in mechanized tunneling, IV International Workshop on Modern Trends in Geomechanics, G. Viggiani, D. Salciarini, F. Silvestri, C. Tamagnini, G.M.B. Viggiani (Eds), Assisi, May 16–19, 2016.

6th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

A.G. Papadimitriou, Y.F. Dafalias & X.S. Li (2015), Fabric evolution during cyclic shearing within anisotropic critical state theory for sand, 6th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineerin, 1-4 November 2015. Christchurch, New Zealand

6th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials

Georgios Belokas and Yannis F. Dafalias (2015) Calibration of rotational hardening model for clays based on dilatancy, Rinaldi, V. A., Zeballos, M. E., & Clariá, J. J. (Eds.). Deformation Characteristics of  Geomaterials: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials, IS-Buenos Aires 2015, 15-18 November 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Vol. 6). IOS Press. (pp. 761-767).

Computer Methods and Recent Advances in Geomechanics

G. Seidalinov & M. Taiebat (2015). Propagation of seismic waves through saturated soft clay deposits:
Constitutive and numerical modeling. Oka, Murakami, Uzuoka & Kimoto (Eds.) Taylor & Francis Group, London, (pp.285-290).

7th Greek Conference on Geotechnical Engineering

Papadimitriou A.G., Agapoulaki G.I.,  & Dafalias, Y.F. (2014). On the Accuracy of Simple Anisotropic Constitutive Models for Cohesive Soils, 7th National Geotechnical Workshop, Athens, Zapeio, 5-7 November  2014

International Symposium on Geomechanics from Micro to Macro 2014

Gao, Z.W., Zhao, J.D., Li, X.S., & Dafalias, Y.F. (2014). Constitutive modelling of fabric anisotropy in sand. In Taylor and Francis Group (Eds), Geomechanics from Micro to Macro (pp.621-626).